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It’s been at least a week since the horrible massacre in Las Vegas and I wanted to write this sooner but let’s be honest, it been a tough week for everyone.


As things have calmed down a bit, I looked at the event from someone who has worked countless live events and realized that event management must change after this tragedy. Sure all big events will change after this tragedy and if they don’t they’re crazy. What I am saying is that the common publicist, event manager, social media marketer, anyone working a live event has to adapt their skills for what sadly has become common. While I am not saying you have to turn into a solider or a superhero,


I believe there are skills that we as marketing, social media, PR, event managers could add to our skills to be even more prepared.


First aid, CPR, AED certified:  

These skills should be a no-brainer to anyone working a live event. Having this certification takes your ability to help to a whole new level. While I know your own safety is key, there will be a point when your team will have to refocus, which is when you can jump in and help. Getting certified is pretty easy, you just have to give up a few hours of your day and take a class. When you do get certified you will have to take the class every few years as it does expire. You can Google your nearest first aid/CPR/AED certification class. I recommend checking out the American Red Cross courses.


Water and blanket in your vehicle:

As someone who lives in California, you have to be prepared for an earthquake at all times. That’s why I have water, blanket, a flashlight and portable radio that requires batteries. These are all basic things that could help after a tragic event. For me, and I am pretty sure for many other people, the last thing you want to feel is helpless in a tragic event. Helping in any way it better than not helping at all.


Know ALL the ins and outs of your venue:

This seems like common sense, but I know from experience that I didn’t know all the exist in the venue I worked. This was a huge issue with the Vegas massacre, they kept it tough for people to sneak in that they didn’t have a bunch of exists and were tough to find in the dark. One main thing for anyone working a live event going forward is to have some idea of where all exists are. Because if trouble starts, you’ll be able to help people get out.


Basic hand to hand defense:

I know this one is crazy to even suggest but look at the last five years and all the tragic events that have happened out in public, at events, in venues and tell me something has to change and or adapt to. I would recommend something like Krav Maga and even if you never had to use it, you could say you tried something new.


Know how to handle a gun:

This one seems logical. I am not talking about gun control or the second amendment and I’m not saying learn how to kill. I am saying learn how to unload a gun or how to turn a safety on. This world has thrown us so many situations that never seemed it would happen and yet they did. So you will never know if the one time you are in a situation, you would rather be safe and happy you learned than sorry.


I know some of these ideas are a bit over the top and others logical but just remember the world is changing. For the better or worst, sometimes it’s hard to tell. All I am suggesting is look outside the norm of your professional skills and think about adapting to the world around you.


– Kent

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