For me, boosting content on Facebook is a daily thing. I have done it so much that I have started seeing patterned and can tell what can/will work or not work with a brief look at what the content looks like. So here are the three basic ideas of what your post should have when creating Facebook Ads.



What you write in your post is a big deal. It’s a lot like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, don’t write a huge story, but don’t just write one word, you have to find the middle ground of “just right” with how much verbiage you put on the post. Plus let’s not forget that Facebook has ad policies that limit what you can and can’t boost to audiences. For more information about the ad policies, read more here. But getting back to the verbiage, the number one rule I live by is “get to the point”. Remember people’s attention spans are EXTREMELY limited, so don’t fluff it up. In reality, the post should be verbiage that is leading your audience to your main website in some shape, way, or form. What I am trying to say is that each post and its verbiage should have some kind of objective. Posting for the sake of posting is a big “NO” from me. I mean really that’s what Instagram is for or Facebook stories.



As much as the verbiage is important, so is the picture/art that you post with it. Though ALWAYS post some kind of picture with the post. Posts with pictures always get better interaction. I find with small businesses, they tend to just post a flyer on to their business page, when they should really change the picture altogether. Remember that the audience that you are trying to connect with by using the flyer will not always be the same ones on Facebook. I would recommend using a picture with no verbiage on it and if you have to add verbiage, make sure you have very little on it.



You could have the right verbiage and the right art but if you don’t know what audience to boost your content to, none of that will make a difference. If you can, make a point to really research what kind of audience you are trying to reach. For example, age, what city are they from, what are their interests and behaviors. From there you can create an audience profile on Facebook in which you can boost too. Now having done over 2,000 media buys (i.e. boosting posts), to really find your audience and what types of posts work with that audience, it could take between three and six months to feel confident in knowing that your content works with them.


Facebook Ads - Kent H. Moore - ONEEYEDsocial

Here’s an example of creating an audience for Facebook Ads.


In the end, just remember that social media is a marathon, not a sprint and you should know that once you start social media you’re in it for the long haul.

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