When it comes to creating content for client’s social media accounts, I am always one for a tool that can help streamline the process and PromoRepublic can do just that. The pitch was that they have content already created for me, all I had to do was customize the look and verbiage and I was set. Below are some of the features that the site offers.



I have used many calendars with other social media management tools and this is the first one I actually liked a lot. You can switch between both week view and month views. It’s also easy enough to switch between accounts. This is one of their tools that other social media management sites should really look at to inspire to be like.


PromoRepublic - ONEEYEDsocial



This was a huge selling point for me as some days it’s just hard to be creative. They have content ready to go for tons of different industries. They also have basic content like quotes and motivational posts. Though what I like a lot is the different holiday posts they have ready to go. These tools alone are worth the money for the social media manager who needs that extra boost of help with content creation.


PromoRepublic - ONEEYEDsocial



Now say you kinda like one of their pre-made posts or have your own picture you want to dazzle up, their post editor is brilliant. Forget editing your content in Adobe Photoshop, their editor can get the job done just as well with the simple tools they offer within the editor. I have found myself many times already jumping on their editor before I use photoshop.


PromoRepublic - ONEEYEDsocial



As I like saying, I am creative at the beginning of the month and analytical at the end. Their statistics tool helps me out a lot when really digging into each post. Because any social media manager wants to know what is and is not working.


PromoRepublic - ONEEYEDsocial


PromoRepublic OVERALL

Overall this product is beyond amazing. I have tried other similar to it but I keep coming back to PromoRepublic. This product is well worth it for any social media manager, marketing specialist or small business owner looking to really streamline their social media.


*Please note I was not paid or given anything to write this post. I just really like PromoRepublic.


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