Anyone can do social media, but not everyone is good at it, is a saying that I have believed and have been preaching for many years. This has been my argument for why social media specialist, managers, and directors need to understand more than just knowing how to post a picture on an account. They need to know the overall picture of a business or brands message and how to help them attain said message to the right audience.


So here are the 6 things social media professionals need know more about than just social media.


  • Public Relations: You need to understand how public relations works as a whole. For example who is your audience and what is the message you what to convey to them. In traditional PR there are press releases and pitching press. Those two things down translate over to social media unless you know how to adapt each of their messages. For example, learning how to take the basic information out of a press release and then summarize down into each social media channel. Or coordinating with the PR manager on when articles will run so that you can share them on your accounts. While you are not running the PR department, you need to know how it fits into your duties.


  • Digital Advertising: Pushing the “boost” post on Facebook doesn’t make you an expert. Understanding that creating an AD on Facebook is different than creating an AD on LinkedIn. Each social media platform caters to different audiences. Which will and can make or break your digital AD. That being said, having done over 2,800 digital media buys, the three things I have found that make a successful AD is the art/picture you use, the quality and length of the verbiage on the post, and how long the AD runs for. There is a lot of A/B testing and just plain experimenting on seeing what works and what doesn’t. I will go into more detail in a later post about all this.


  • Event Management: If it’s a small business opening it’s doors for the first time or a huge live televised event knowing how the event will run is key. Looking for key spots and knowing ahead of time to be able to take photos or stream content live from your phone is essential. Nothing is worse than streaming live from a poor spot or not being able to get great pictures of the event. Also having a laptop, a backup battery for your camera and the internet are also important.


  • Basic Photography: Having a really good camera makes a huge difference in your ability to create content. Plus, if you are working in a stadium/arena, it’s a good idea on how to learn to use the lighting features on your camera. Not every picture is going to turn out amazing with your smartphone. Depending on what type of client you are working with, I would recommend doing a bit of homework into cameras before buying a good one.


  • Customer Relations: Nothing looks worse than seeing clients complain on a social media account and no one from the company responds in any form. For me, complaints from a customer are on a case by case status. First is their complaint valid? If so, look into how you can fix it or find someone who can answer their issue, so you then can respond. My biggest issue is when they curse or threaten others, yes it does happen. That is where I draw the line.


  • Website and Graphic Design: You can create the best content on social media ever but if the customer goes to the website and the site is created poorly then all that great work was done for nothing. You will more customers this way, this I promise. Now you don’t need to know code to build a website. There are many sites now like and others that someone with no coding experience can create a site in a short amount of time.


All in all, remember that social media more than posting for the sake of posting. Know who your audience is and the best way for them to see your message is everything in this industry.


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