If anyone follows the Royal Family they know about the Prince Andrew scandal and the disaster of an interview he gave on the BBC the other day. He was trying to distance himself with his past friendship to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and sexual accusations from women coming forward. From this entire situation the Royal Family has lost control of the message and can’t seem to get a grasp on how to fix it.


Now step aside all that for a second and what I found interesting was most all the royals and each castle have their own PR team. There is no one centralized Royal PR team that handles, manages, and oversees everything. You can read more about it in detail here.


It doesn’t matter who you are, brand, company, talent, if you have to many “cooks in the kitchen” nothing is going to get done and the message will get lost. Having a centralized team with players that know their tasks and what they should be doing is going to be 100% more effective than what the Royal Family is currently doing.


Why does that all matter? Because if you lose control of the message then perception become the new reality. It’s going to become extremely difficult to fix the message to the way you want it, if not impossible. That’s why talent, companies, and brands need a dedicated PR/digital/marketing team that can handle difficult situations.



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