The writing was on the wall when it came to the start of 2020. Things were not getting better with the COVID pandemic. People were starting to be furloughed or let go of their jobs and freelancers like me were starting to lose clients.


Besides keeping a few clients, I decided to go back to school which I called getting my pandemic “Masters” Degree. For the next six months, I worked on obtaining nine different certifications from various companies and Ivy League schools.


The first few I obtained were from Google where I became certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. This was tough as it was very detailed but very satisfying to receive when I completed both certifications.


The next two I obtained were from Paul Ekman Group where I received a certificate of training in both Micro Expressions and Subtle Expressions. Having minored in Agrumentive & Persuasive Speaking in college, these were certifications that I wanted to get to help support my minor.


I also received a certification in Business Analytics from Harvard. This was the toughest one out of all nine certifications. It came down to basically re-learning statistics again.


After Harvard, I received a certification in Digital Marketing Analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I highly enjoyed this program as it was the past ten years of what I have learned about digital marketing all rolled into a two-month course. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


The next certification I received was a certification in Brand Management from the University of London. This was a lot of fun to be a part of as I really got to dig into how to manage a brand from a tactically perspective.


After the University of London, I received a certification in Digital Marketing from Oxford University. This one kept me humbled as I thought I knew almost everything about digital marketing. This one opened up my eye to a lot of possibilities of what I can and could bring to my current clients.


The last certification I received was Intro Into Negotiations from Yale University. This one was tough as I was really starting from scratch at everything and was really outside my wheelhouse of tools that I know and understand. But I gained a lot of valuable insight from it.


Overall I absolutely loved every single course and have an even more appreciation for my field and industry because of it.


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