I have been so busy that I forgot to write about that this past December I was the winner of four Image Awards from the Public Relations Society of America’s Central California Chapter. The 2020 Image Award looked a lot different as it wasn’t held in May and it was virtual through ZOOM in December but as public relations professionals, the Central California PRSA Chapter once again found a great way to adapt as the chapter came together to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments.


When I started my career in the communications industry I wasn’t planning on being an independent practitioner, really it just fell upon my lap. It’s usually 99% of the time me running a campaign with very little to no budget. So I always find myself embolden when I either beat out or tie with large organizations or facilities that have a team 10 times larger and a budget 1000 times larger than what I work with. Personally having won for the last few years, and yes you can argue the details with what I am about to say, but pointless emails, meetings, and red tape really do destroy creativity. Because if they didn’t I would not be winning.


Below is what I won.

  • 2020 Award of Excellence – Campaign of the Year
  • 2020 Award of Excellence – Community Service Campaign
  • 2020 Award of Merit – Social Media Campaign
  • 2020 Award of Merit – Video Project


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