About The Project

Period: January 13th – February 13th, 2020

Client: Social Media Superstar Awards

Subject: Award Ceremony / Live Event

The Social Media Superstar (SMS) Awards, honors business pioneers and celebrates extraordinary brand achievements in the social media space. There are many major honors celebrating the success stories and high achievers in traditional trade, but as the first awards ceremony of its kind, the SMS Awards is a new ceremony which recognizes people and brands whose creativity using online platforms has created significant cultural impact.


The SMS awards will be awarded to brands and pioneers in the social media and digital landscapes in ten categories – from hotels to airlines. And four special awards will be handed out to individuals and brands whose efforts on social media have changed the modern business world.

The Process

Below are the tactics that I used.

I created both Facebook and Instagram ads for the event that was kept with simple text and a call-to-action. Each ad was strategically set to run at certain times each week within the four weeks leading up to the event.

I created basic Google ads with two dozen keywords that were related to social media and award ceremonies.

During the event, I worked on the step & repeat taking photos of the celebrities and high profiled guests who attended the event.

I took photos and videos before, during, and after the event on the short term idea they use the content for their social media accounts. In the long term, the content created would be used for the marketing of next year’s event.

My Goals & Objectives

Since this was the event’s first year, my goals were simple;

  • Build awareness about the event with social media & digital marketing professionals within the Southern California area.
  • Build awareness about the event with Business Owners, CEOs, CMOs, Entrepreneurs within the Southern California area
  • Obtain web clicks to the ticket sale site through both social media and digital advertising ads.

The biggest obstacle was the time frame as there was only a month to promote the event online. So the objectives were to;

  • Reach 8,000 within the targeted audience.
  • Obtain 15,000 Impressions within the targeted audience.
  • Gain 250 web clicks to the ticket sales page.


Below were the final results.

  • Total Reach: 10,442
  • Total Impressions: 25,853
  • Total Web Clicks: 252


In the short amount of time the event had to be promoted, I was able to surpass expectations when it came to its goals and objectives for the event overall.

Ross King, MBE the famous Scottish television presenter, actor, and writer, best known for being the LA Correspondent for ITV Breakfast programs Lorraine and Good Morning Britain was the SMS Awards host and presenter for the night.