About The Project

Period: March 30th – May 15th, 2020

Client: Precision Prep

Subject: Fundraising / Donation / Charity

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, Precision Prep, Visalia’s premier meal prep company, wanted to give back to both frontline and essential workers in the Central Valley. So with the public’s help, on National Doctor’s Day, the company launched the “Feeding The Frontline” Initiative. By donating $9 people were able to buy a meal for a frontline/essential worker. For every donation Precision Prep would match that with a meal.

The Process

Below are the tactics that I used.

By creating social media content and asking customers who were brand advocates to post content on their accounts, Kent was able to quickly raise awareness in the community about the initiative.

Kent created specific email newsletters talking about what the initiative was and how people can participate in it. It went out to the company’s email list of 600+ current and past customers.

Kent also pitched the two biggest local news outlets in the county, the Visalia Times-Delta, and the Porterville Recorder, which ran stories about the initiative in both their newspapers and websites.

Kent also created a landing page on the company’s website where people could donate money, learn about what is happening with COVID in the county and surrounding areas, and get updates on where meals were donated each week. Kent also gave people who donated money on the landing page a place to leave a heartfelt message on a meal being donated, which frontline/essential workers would be able to read. Kent also added a marketing message that would pop up on the front of Precision Prep’s website telling people about the initiative and a call-to-action to go to the donation page.

For seven weeks the company’s owner and her assistant chief, on average, cooked 160+ meals weekly, while Kent figured out the logistics of how to transport the meals and interacted with various managers at different facilities and organizations on when and where they would go to deliver them.

My Goals & Objectives

This was both a unique and very fluid campaign as it was created when the quarantine started in California. The main goals were to;

  • Build awareness about the initiative within the local community.
  • Build awareness about the initiative with current and past customers.
  • Raise money through the website from people who are looking to help.

The biggest obstacle was the unknown as no one in recent memory has dealt with an outbreak and quarantine of this magnitude. Because of this, our objectives varied.

  • Raise enough money for 100 meals. If the objective is reached then the new objectives were as followed 250, 500, 750, 1000 meals.
  • Reach 5,000 people within the local community.
  • Reach 15% of current and old customers through the company email list.


Below were the final results.

  • Feeding the Frontline: People donated over $5,000, which helped make over 1,100 meals that were donated to 19 different facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.) that employed frontline and essential workers.
  • While the social media post about the launch of the initiative reached 10,245 people.
  • On the media side, newspaper articles about the initiative at the Visalia Times-Delta generated a reach of 34,600 people, and at the Porterville Recorder a reach of 23,000 people.


In three weeks we were able to raise over $5,000 and donate over 1,100 meals to both frontline and essential workers. When it came to donation goals, we raised enough money to donate 100 meals within the first 2 hours of the campaign launching. We also raised enough money to donate 1,000 meals in 13 days. Overall, I was able to surpass expectations when it came to its goals and objectives for the initiative.

The Owner of Precision Prep initial goal was at least 100 meals. We were happy to see that goal was met within less than 2 hours from the initial launch of the campaign. (Phone by: Kyra Haas, Visalia Times-Delta)


Below is the press that the initiative received from the local newspapers.

Frontpage Newspaper Example


feeding the frontline 16