About The Project

Period: March – May, 2016

Client: The Great Western Fan Festival

Subject: Live Event / Music Festival

Having worked on the digital marketing for the past three years, the 2016 Great Western Fan Festival was no different when it came to a successful digital marketing campaign. This year the festival saw a few new ideas and saw positive results by achieving the festival’s digital goals.

My Goals & Objectives

The goals for the event were to;

  • Boost ticket sales.
  • Build brand awareness within the community.
  • Create more fan engagement.


From that the objectives were to;

  • Obtain over 10,000+ clicks to the event website.
  • Gain over 100,000+ total reach and impressions.
  • Engage over 5,000+ people on social media.

The Process

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used before, during, and after the festival.

  • Social Media Ads: I created several dozen Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads that targeted people who like the Fan Festival page and their friends. I also targeted people who like gospel music and southern gospel music.


  • Talent/Celebrity Sharing: Since there were over a dozen talent groups performing at the festival, outreach to their publicists and managers to share festival content on their social media outlets was a priority. This resulted in the festival seeing a higher online reach.


  • Online Contest: I created a LIKE this post giveaway in which we gave away 4 tickets and 2 CDs away to people who like the Fan Festival page.


  • Live Streaming: I set up live-streaming posts on both Facebook and Periscope where people could watch 3-4 different groups throughout each day. This became a very popular tactic. So much so that I started taking requests of what groups people wanted to watch.


  • Video Creation/Editing: During the three-day event, several short videos of different performers were created, edited and posted on social media outlets within hours of the actual performance.


Below were the final results.

  • Total Engagement: 8,640 People
  • Total Reach: 138,273 people
  • Organic Reach: 96,893 people
  • Paid Reach: 41,380 people
  • Total Impressions: 273,164 people
  • Number of People Watch Live Video: 75 People
  • Number of Web Clicks: 65,304 Clicks


The goals that were set for 2016 were very successful in achieving positive results in gain exposure and building brand awareness online. In total, the goals we achieved and objectives numbers went beyond expectation.