About The Project

Period: October – November 2018

Client: Level 7 Fitness

Subject: Charity Event / Blood Drive

Level 7 Fitness is a private fitness facility located in Clovis, California that is tailored to people looking to take their fitness to the next level. Owner and coach Vincent Houle brings the latest in cutting edge training techniques to help upgrade your fitness.


The Give Back Blood & Sweat Event was created to celebrate Level 7 Fitness one year anniversary of being in business. The idea was to give back to the community by having both a charity fitness boot camp that raised money for the Central Valley Veteran’s non-profit organization and a blood drive with the Central California Blood Center.

The Process

Below are the strategies and tactics that I used.

When it came to content creation, we created an event page and a quick video slide show that people could share. The content was created with the idea in mind to tell people that this whole event wasn’t for the company but the community itself and giving back to it.

  • We created ads that targeted people who were into fitness and gave to charitable causes and within a 10-mile radius of the gym.

We tagged other local gyms in the area in the comments on Facebook posts to ask them to share it on their own social media platforms.

When pitching local media, I pitched both newspaper and TV outlets talking about the owner who was fresh out of college and started his own gym, who wanted to give back to the community. I was able to get two newspapers to write about him before and after the event and the number one TV station locally to come out on the day of to cover the event. See the press clippings below.

I created a flyer that we put at the local children’s hospital, military recruitment offices, other local gyms, and half a dozen Starbuck Coffee shops in a 5-mile radius.

I created a landing page about the event on the gym’s website, so anyone on the website could find information about the event if they didn’t see the content on Facebook or Instagram.

On the day of the event, I helped manage the media, vendors that attended and took photos throughout the day.

My Goals & Objectives

The main goals were to;

  • Gain awareness through local media outlets and local event websites.
  • Build awareness about the event within the local fitness community.
  • Build awareness about the event within the local community overall.

The biggest obstacle was both the time and the date the event was planned for. There was less than a month to promote the event as the event was happening on Veteran’s Day weekend in November. So the objectives were to;

  • Raise over $250 for the Central Valley Veteran’s organization
  • Have over 12 people give blood to the Central California Blood Center
  • Have more than two dozen people attend.


Below were the final results.

  • Total People Attended: 51 people
  • Total People Giving Blood: 24 people
  • Total Amount Raised For Charity: $1,200


In the short amount of time the event had to be promoted, I was able to surpass the gym’s expectations when it came to its goals and objectives for the event overall. The main objectives were met and then some.


This campaign won awards at the 2019 Public Relations Society of America: Central California Image Awards ceremony. See Below.

  • Public Relations Society of America – Award of Merit: “Campaign of the Year”
  • Public Relations Society of America – Award of Excellence: Community Service Campaign