About The Project

Period: April 1st – December 31st, 2019

Client: Precision Prep

Subject: Meal Prep (Food) / B2C

Precision Prep is the premiere meal prep service in Visalia, California. They offer customized meals built to your specific needs that are delicious and affordable. All meals are fresh and never frozen and are vacuum sealed in microwave safe bags for optimum freshness, less mess, and more fridge space. They offer convenient pick up locations or delivery to your home or business.


Since this was the first time they had someone helping with social media and marketing, the idea for me was to come in and give the company a complete overhaul online with content and the overall marketing.

The Process

Below are the tactics that I used.

In the nine-month period, I created organic posts about the various dishes offered, what monthly meal prep events were coming up, how people can sign up for the weekly newsletter, and what catering services were offered.

I created both Facebook and Instagram ads that I kept with simple text and a call-to-action. Each ad was strategically set for various events or promotions that targeted certain audiences within the local community.

I created 30 to 60-second videos for Facebook and Instagram showcasing the monthly meal prep events.

I took several photos of various dishes Precision Prep offers. I also took photos of various monthly meal prep events.

I restarted the weekly email newsletter, which reminded people orders were due, what events were happening each month, and new dishes added to the menu.

I went through each page of Precision Prep’s current website and updated verbiage with SEO of meal prep/food text so search engines can find the website.

My Goals & Objectives

The main goals were to;

  • Raise overall sales.
  • Raise the customer conversion rate.
  • Gain more traffic through social media.
  • Build more awareness within the community.

From there my objectives were to;

  • Raise overall sales by 5%.
  • Raise the customer conversion rate by 50%.
  • Gain more traffic through social media by 25%.
  • Build awareness through social media “reach” and “impressions” by 50%.


Below were the final results. All results below show an increase from the same 9 month period from the previous year.

  • Sales: 9%+ 
  • Total Reach: 54%+ 
  • Total Impressions: 67%+ 
  • Traffic Source (Social Media): 76%+
  • Customer Conversion Rate: 247%+


The main objectives were successful as I was able to surpass Precision Prep’s expectations when it came to its overall goals and objectives.


This campaign won an award at the 2020 Public Relations Society of America: Central California Image Awards ceremony. See Below.

  • Public Relations Society of America – Award of Merit: Social Media Campaign