About The Project

Period: February/September – 2014 & 2015 

Client: Showcase Events Inc.

Subject: Home Show Expo / Live Event

A bi-annual home show that showcases 250+ exhibits that give people a place to get great ideas and quotes for remodeling and redecorating every room of the house – inside and out.

Goals & Objectives

I worked on four of the events in a two year period. My main goal and objective was to gain awareness with people in the Visalia area on Facebook who own a home and are interested in home improvement.

The Process

Below are the tactics that I used before, during, and after each expo.

  • Social Media Ads: I created several dozen Facebook ads for each show that targeted people who like the Visalia Home Show Facebook page and their friends. I also targeted people who like home improvement and own their own home.


  • Online Contest: I created a LIKE this post giveaway during each show in which we gave away $100 gift card to the local mall away to people who liked the Visalia Home Show Facebook page.


  • Content Creation: During each show, I took pictures in real-time and posted on the Facebook page letting people know about what events are happening and the different booths that were offered.


Below were the final results of each expo show that I worked on.

2014 SpringFest

  • Engagement: 2,612
  • Total Reach: 62,936
  • Organic Reach: 16,015
  • Paid Reach: 46,921
  • Total Impressions: 106,135
  • Web Clicks: 4,245

2014 HomeExpo

  • Engagement: 3,439
  • Total Reach: 64,028
  • Organic Reach: 16,912
  • Paid Reach: 47,116
  • Total Impressions: 143,893
  • Web Clicks: 4,362

2015 SpringFest

  • Engagement: 3,609
  • Total Reach: 97,950
  • Organic Reach: 20,193
  • Paid Reach: 77,757
  • Total Impressions: 142,488
  • Web Clicks: 4,681

2015 HomeExpo

  • Engagement: 4,913
  • Total Reach: 98,108
  • Organic Reach: 16,186
  • Paid Reach: 81,922
  • Total Impressions: 129,982
  • Web Clicks: 5,630